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About Us

Have you ever smelt a perfume that you simply couldn’t resist, only to gasp upon seeing the price? This experience is all too common for those looking for the perfect perfume. Though a designer perfume may have the price of a liquid gold, the ingredients used to make most perfumes are far more affordable than designer companies will want us to believe.

So, why empty your pockets on named brand perfumes when you can buy the best alternative of a designer perfume for a fraction of the cost? Here at Bichaé, we are inspired by the big designer brands' perfumes and have worked hard to develop best copies of the scents of these luxury designer perfumes. 

Our driving mission is to bring luxury Personal Care, Home Care and Car Care products infused with iconic scents that are inspired by designer brands to the life of everyday people without the higher designer price tag associated with those designer goods. All the Bichaé Perfumery & Grooming Products are a mere fraction of the price of the original designer brand's product of similar type. You can find a delightful selection of products ranging from Bichaé Parfums sprays, Bichaé Roll-on Parfum Oils, the Bichaé Beard Oils, Bichaé Luxury Car Diffusers and Bichaé Luxury Home Fragrances such as our natural and vegan sow wax candles and oil reed diffusers. Our alcohol-free roll-on perfume oils are especially perfect for those looking for an alternative to the traditional perfume sprays formulated with alcohol. Our Parfum Oils are a beautiful blend of concentrated fragrance oils that use organic, natural oils to keep your skin looking healthy and replenished. Our alcohol-free perfume oils are vegan-friendly and crafted from the highest concentrates possible
so that the delectable scents are long-lasting.

The variety of our fragrance selections allows everyone to enjoy their favourite scents in some of their most-used everyday products at a very affordable price and of high quality standard. Now you can owe your very own high-end Bichaé Perfumery and Grooming Product without the exorbitant costs associated with a designer perfumery and grooming products. 

From our luxury perfumes to the candles, our pursuit of passion and perfection imbibed in our DNA is revealed in the beauty and elegance of our products. At the forefront of everything we do is our inherent values of technical excellence and good customer service as we always strive to exceed the expectations of our cherished customers.

We aim to create eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetic and personal care products that are free of sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and animal by-products. We avoid testing on animals and select vegan ingredients so that you can benefit from designer-level care products without the unhealthy,
harmful ingredients that are found in other brands.

Quality Meets Quantity

At Bichaé, we pride ourselves in the quality of our fragrance oils which we infuse into our products for the ultimate, scented experience. All our fragrance oils comply with the associated regulations of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). IFRA is closely associated with the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) whose findings are used in the adopting of new guidelines in the perfumery industry.

Scientifically-Proven Results

Not only do we use the best ingredients for our fragrances, but we also use the most scientifically-proven ingredients in all of our products. In fact, our scientists create scents that are over 99 % similar to the designer’s scents that we are inspired by. Our replica designer fragrances have identical fragrance notes to the named designer perfumes and are formulated with high quality fragrance oils to have long lasting scent when applied. You will feel and realise this in the way that our products works and the testimonies from our happy customers.

High-Quality with Added Bonuses

As all our products are researched, developed and manufactured by ourselves here in the UK. As a result, not only do we have control over quality, we also have control over costs. Hence, our affordable perfumes, personal and home care products are made even more affordable in that we offer free shipping for all mainland orders exceeding £30. You will also receive complimentary samples of your own choosing and a free personal message option. To top it off, your product comes in high-end packaging that exudes luxury making Bichae’s products the perfect gift to loved ones for all occasions.

Comparative Advertising

Although we are inspired by some of the world's famous designer brands' scent, Bichaé have no affiliation with any of the designer brands mentioned here other than to help our customers find a Bichaé’s product that best resemble that of their favourite designer brand's product. We are fully in compliance with the Trademarks Act 1994 and other applicable UK Legislation regarding comparative advertisings.

Why not save some of your hard-earned money? Give us a try today and let us know how you liked our products!


These are some of the offers from Bichaé


Select from over 120 designer-inspired scents • Same fragrance notes as designer perfumes • Smell identical to named designer perfumes • Last for 8 - 14 hours after application • Handmade in the UK • Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free • Sustainably made • Fully Recyclable Bottle.


Express your individual uniqueness and distinction by wearing your very-own hybrid perfume. Create a tailor-made perfume at no extra cost. Select 2 or 3 designer fragrances and decide on the concentration of each fragrance in your bespoke perfume.


We offer our customers the option to leave a personal message on the perfume bottle, candle or reed diffuser bottles at no extra cost. Personalization is FREE and allows you to send love and hugs to loved ones afar or just to leave a memory on your hybrid perfume bottle. Make any of our products a perfect gift for any occasion with a personal message printed on the bottle.


Here at Bichae, we pride ourselves in being the BEST supplier of replica designer-inspired fragrances for the ultimate scented experience. We stand by our fragrances so much that we would like to offer you the opportunity to try them first with up to five complimentary samples of your choice with every order using the code; TrySome1st


Explore Bichae's collection of iconic designer scents in some of your most-used everyday products

Being the best

As a brand with the aim of bringing luxury perfumer and hair care products driven by the latest scientific innovations to the reach of everyone, this is what made us the best in the market; Strong formulation expertise, Excellent portfolio of over 100 designer-inspired fragrances, Excellent in-house manufacturing & QC capabilities in the UK, and finally, Powerful global partnerships with some key stakeholders in the perfumery industry.